Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Letter To The Second Semester Senior

photo cred: Taylor Wolfe Photography
Dear Senior,

Right now, you're most likely in the double digits until graduation.  You're well into your last semester of college and you're probably filled with a lot of different emotions.  Or just coffee and Jimmy John's subs.  At least that's what it was for me. 

I'm here as fairly recent graduate to give you a few tips on how to spend your last semester.  Some of these tips I've done, and some of them I haven't, which is making me think about going back for a Masters just so I can do the things I didn't get (or forgot) to do.  Listen to these tips or pass them along to another in-denial senior.  I just hope that you'll get something out of this and make the most of your last semester.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Goals for the New Year

Eight days into the new year, and things are already looking pretty great.  I've spent time with friends new and old, made plans for the upcoming months, and my alma mater's football team won the FSC Championships yesterday (the first time in 13 years), so hello, 2017!  It's nice to see ya!

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