Sunday, January 8, 2017

Goals for the New Year

Eight days into the new year, and things are already looking pretty great.  I've spent time with friends new and old, made plans for the upcoming months, and my alma mater's football team won the FSC Championships yesterday (the first time in 13 years), so hello, 2017!  It's nice to see ya!

I've lived in Portland for a little over six months now and I've made some realizations about how I want to spend my time here and what I want to achieve.  Of course there's no better time to start than immediately, but classic me thought, "I'll wait until the new year." Fresh start, and all.

I've come up with a short list of things I want to do this year, and I'm hoping that you guys can help me keep myself accountable.  Maybe I'll post little check-ins at the end of every month or so to see how I'm doing.  Feel free to comment in a blog post or on Instagram or Twitter and be like, "Hey, Bryn! How's that one goal coming along?" And I'll be like "Damnit, I gotta keep up on that."  You all gotta keep me in check because sometimes (most of the time), I don't listen to myself.  Deal?  Deal.

Start putting money away into a savings account.

It's a little weird not having the bank I use out in Portland, and that's kind of deterred me from opening up a savings account out here. Now that Brian and I are trying to save up some more money to move into a new apartment this coming summer, I think it's time to open one at a new bank.

Get a camera.

I feel lame for always using my phone for pictures, but I'm usually happy with how they turn out! I'm really longing for those great shots you get using an actual camera, though, so I'm going to start researching into those more.  If you have any tips or recommendations, holla atcha girl!

Get a dog.

Lately, looking at puppy videos has made me more depressed than happy.  I want one of my own!  The apartment complex I live in now doesn't allow pets, but as soon as I move out, I want to be that annoying dog mom that posts a lot of pictures of her dog all over social media, and shut up, you know you like it, my pupper's adorable. 

Take better care of my body.

No more eating when I'm bored.  I can read books instead.  No more sitting in front of the TV watching Netflix for God knows how long.  I could exercise instead.  This one is going to be a tough one to do because being a lazy sack of potatoes is pretty fun.

Spend more money on experiences than things.

I really want to narrow down the things I need in life.  Material items don't stick around forever, but memories do, so I'm making it a goal to pull back on buying makeup, clothes, and accessories and instead, focus more on travelling and seeing new things. So far, I'm planning on going to a hockey game, two concerts, and flying home for my sister's graduation.  I'm v excited.

Get a job I enjoy.

My experiences with finding and getting a job out here has had its ups and downs, and I'm ready to start looking for something that I actually want to do and will help me get to where I want to get to.  I just applied for a job that sounds interesting and right up my alley, so... fingers crossed!

Those are my goals for the year! Hopefully I'll be able to check in at the end of every month or so and give updates on these to see how far I've come.  Also, quick shout out to this Bella Grace magazine my mom got me for Christmas.  From what I've seen, it's fairly new since they only have a few issues out, and it has such great content!  You can definitely get inspired by reading some of these entries.

What are your goals for the new year? I'd love to hear them!

Quote of the day: "Make it simple, but significant." - Don Draper

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