Saturday, February 4, 2017

January Birchbox Review

Aaaaaaand we're slowly getting back to our regularly scheduled blog posts!  So sorry that's it's been a long time since I've actually made a post or two on here.  This past month, I've been exhausted after work and on the weekends that I've never felt like doing anything (I'm blaming S.A.D. for this).  But hopefully this recent burst of omg-I-have-so-many-blogging-ideas will jump start my actual motivation to write and I can get back to regularly posting again!

So now that my little blogging absence is over, I'm going to play catch-up and try to blog about things I haven't gotten around to talking about this past month, and first up on my list is my January Birchbox.  Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited over these products.  Leave it to Birchbox to show me products I never knew I needed.

For January, Birchbox teamed up with SELF magazine to create a box that was all about refreshing and resetting (think hydrating lotions and cleansers).  And, as always, they delivered some fantastic products.

Chella® | Eyebrow Defining Gel
I've never tried taming my eyebrows with a gel before, but now I feel like this gel needs to be a staple in my makeup collection.  It seems like every day my eyebrows just want to do their own thing, but now I can groom them into perfection with this clear gel.  It works great by itself or even after filling your brows in.

COOLA® | Mineral Face SPF 30 Unscented Matte Tint
Okay, now this one straight up boggled my mind.  This product had me at "mineral" and I couldn't wait to try it.  When I tried it for the first time, I couldn't comprehend what was happening.  It's a matte tint, and the product looks very matte when you squeeze it out of the tube--there's no shine to it at all.  But when you put it on, it feels extremely lightweight and more like an oil, if that makes sense.  Don't quite know what to say about this product because it still baffles me, but I think I'm loving it.

Eyeko | Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
My holy grail eyeliner go-to is the NYX Matte Liquid Liner, but I was excited to try a new eyeliner to see how it would compare.  With it's pen-style applicator, I was pretty darn nervous about using it for the first time since it's way different than the brush tip that I'm used to.  Pros: it helps you achieve that bomb cat eye.  Cons: it smudges easily.  I had the unfortunate mishap of having to fish a rogue eyelash out of my eye (sorry for the mental pic) and when I was done, half my eyeliner was gone.  So if you're not one to mess with your eyes a lot, this eyeliner is perfect for you. 

NuFACE | Prep-N-Glow Cloths
These cloths are not your ordinary makeup wipes.  They do twice the work with one side removing makeup and the other side gently exfoliating your face.  I can see this being a great product to have when travelling.  Throw this in your carry-on and you're good to go!

Number 4™ | L'eau de Mare Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner
I got a good two uses out of this shampoo and conditioner, and I'm wondering if I would have been able to make it last another two washes.  My hair smelled so good after washing and conditioning.  I felt like I stepped out of a high end salon in NYC.  Even after just one use, my hair felt soft and fuller than normal, so I wonder what would happen after a week's use?  Helloooo, hydrated and ista-worthy hair!

If you got the January Birchbox this month, tell me what your favorite product is!  If you haven't, what's a product you'd absolutely love to get?  If you're interested in getting some goodies every month, sign up here!

Quote of the day: "Little things mean a lot."


  1. It's crazy, but I usually have better luck with the cheaper eye liners. I actually love my liquid liner from Hard Candy (Walmart find), and it lasts longer than my liner from Benefit. I've used Eyeko before, and it goes on nicely, but it does get smudgey throughout the day.

    1. Same! Sometimes you can find the best dupes from cheaper brands.


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