Thursday, March 2, 2017

Life Updates


Currently I'm sitting in bed, not working out at the gym like I told myself this morning I would, and instead typing up this blog post.  Sorry, chicken wings, it'll be arm day tomorrow, I promise.

While I was on one of my typical Target runs after work today, I saw so many cute home goods I wanted to get, and that lead me to thinking about typing up a little wishlist post.  But then I thought I should just give a short and sweet life update instead because I've been a little neglectful of this lately.  It's okay, you can admit it.

So here's what's been occupying my time and attention as of late.  V ~adult~ things, might I add.

Currently I am...

Excited to:  go dancing Friday night.  My friend texted me asking to go out Friday night and my response was, "Um YES."  Can't say no to dancing on a Friday (especially since I haven't quite been reaching my 10,000 steps goal for my FitBit...).

Admiring:  my mom!  She got an A on her internship!  #ProudDaughter over here.

Wearing:  new plaid dress (similar -- just picture this in dress form).  I went on a mini shopping haul this past weekend and this dress was something I picked up from Old Navy.  It looks like a good dress for Fall, but I have a couple things in my closet to spruce it up for Spring.

Listening to:  Stanaj.  He opened for Jojo when I went to go see her a couple weeks ago, and I haven't stopped listening to either of their music since.  Ain't Love Strange and Goddess are my favorites!

Wishing for:  these extremely cute cookie jars.  They're the dogs Brian and I want to get!  I tried convincing him that we needed to buy them N O W because who knows if they'll still be here when we do get a dog (or two), but he didn't budge.

Watching:  The Bachelor.  I can't believe that the finale is next week and it's three hours long?!  Is the episode going to be three hours or is it going to be two and the reunion will take up the last hour?  Who.  Even.  Knows.

Determined to:  Find a primary care physician here in Portland.  Everywhere I'm reading about has complaints about billing, which is very off-putting for me.  I just need a doctor to fill my prescriptions, why is that so hard??

Planning:  a girl's weekend away in Seattle this summer, a trip to Disney, and a trip back home.  Okay, sky, time to open up and make it rain some dolla bills.

Thinking about:  applying to be a dog walker for a dog walking app.  Hey, I get to spend time with some cute puppers, plus get paid for doing it?  Sounds nice to me.

How has everyone been lately??  What are some fun weekend plans you have?  Let me know in the comments!

Quote of the day:  "If you see beauty in something, don't wait for others to agree." - Sherihan Gamal

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