Friday, November 25, 2016

November Birchbox Review

I've been so busy these past few weeks that I completely forgot that my Birchbox shipped until I got an email that it was delivered to my apartment! That came as a nice surprise and I was very eager to open the box to see what goodies came this month!

And can we talk about this box?! I didn't notice that it had an eyeliner pen, mascara wand, lipstick and lips, and a brow pencil on it until I read that note that came inside the box. How cute and creative is that?  Birchbox never fails to come up with really cute designs for their monthly boxes.

Bobbi Brown | Smokey Eye Mascara
This stuff is legiiiit! I'm obsessed with this mascara (almost as much as I'm obsessed with the Milk Ubame mascara that I got in my September Birchbox).  It's said to be creamy, clump-free, and smudge-proof, and I can vouch for this product 100%.  It gives me amazing lashes free from clumps and is the perfect final touch to my daily makeup routine.

Coastal Scents ® | Blush and Highlighter Duo
Okay, so I picked this item for my box because I have been on. the. hunt. for a great highlighter.  The blush was just an added bonus for me.  The blush itself is very pigmented and very pink, so I was afraid to put it on my face because I didn't want to look like a clown.  Even lightly dabbing my brush into it once was more than enough product, so I suggest being careful when using this! The highlighter on the other hand, was a little disappointing at first.  You really have to build it to actually notice anything, but when you do put two or three layers on, ugh, it's beautiful.  It's subtle, and gives you just enough glow.

Lavanila | The Healthy Fragrance - Pure Vanilla
This is such a great perfume to wear for this season.  It's very vanilla, but not overbearing like some others.  I'm not a huge fan of vanilla scents probably because of this.  I like to gravitate toward floral scents for my perfume, but this one gives me a tropical feel because it blends scents of Madagascar vanilla, tonka bean, and goji berry.  I'd say this perfume is quite charming and great if you just want a subtle scent of vanilla.

Living Proof ® | Full Thickening Cream
I was so excited to see that I had another Living Proof ® product in my box this month!  I'm obsessed with their products and was so happy to get one for my hair now that I've had it cut.  Just a dime-sized amount of this can give you enough volume that will last all day.  Ya girl really needs volume because I cannot deal with my flat hair sometimes.  This product is wonderful, like all the others, and I can see myself splurging and getting some more of this when I run out.

Marcelle | New-Age LumiPower 3-in-1 Moisturizer
This moisturizer can do multiple things and can be used in multiple ways; it helps fight signs of aging and sun damage and gives your skin a nice, radiant glow.  This kind of multi-use moisturizer saves you money in the long run since you won't be spending money buying products that are designed for one specific purpose.  It's one of those products that everyone should have!  I use this in the morning and at night, and it makes my skin feel so refreshed.

This month's box is all about those finishing touches that make all the difference in the end.  I think Birchbox nailed it right on the head with this one! All of these products can add those final touches that will make you look and feel better.

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Quote of the day: "I just want to make nice things and get enough sleep."


  1. I unsubscribed from Birchbox last year but think I may want to resubscribe again. I miss the surprise of little treats in the box each month!


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