Monday, November 28, 2016

Where I Get Inspiration

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Every blogger, writer, artist gets writer’s block sometimes, and I am no stranger to that! I absolutely hate it, and I can be stuck for days trying to think of something to blog about.  Sometimes you just have to take a break from thinking to observe more of what’s around you to gather inspiration, or even re-read some of your favorite pieces to realize why they inspired you in the first place.  Here is a list of the top five things that I look to to find inspiration.

1. Blogs - Who’s to say you can’t check up on some of your favorite blogs to help jump start those creative wheels in your brain? In the blogging world, we’re all in this together, just like HSM has taught us, and will help each other out in need.  I love seeing what other bloggers are writing about because it might give me an idea to write about something similar and then the thoughts just flow from there!

2. Conversations - Conversations you have with a friend or even a stranger can spark an idea in your mind of a topic to blog about. I have made notes about ideas that have stemmed from conversations that I’ve had numerous times.  Who knows?  The next conversation you have might give you an idea for a “How To” post or a funny story to tell your audience.

3. Friends and family - You can draw a lot of creativity when you look at your circle of family or friends.  Anything from what they’ve said to what they’ve done can give you enough of an idea to get your creativity flowing.  All of my friends and family members are witty and creative, so it’s easy to get some ideas from them!

4. Snapchat stories - I love watching the daily Snapchat stories from Buzzfeed, Cosmo, Refinery29, and People, and sometimes I’ll check out other ones too if it looks interesting. Reading these articles can give you so many ideas on what to write about. I recently tried out a makeup hack that I read about in Cosmo’s snapchat story and turned it into a blog post!

5. Images - When I was in fifth grade, my teacher told us to get a National Geographic magazine and look at all the pictures in it to get some inspiration for our writing block.  I was always on a roll, writing 3-5 poems every day from the pictures I found.  In a world that places a lot of importance on images, it’s easy to browse Tumblr, Pinterest, and any social media outlet to get ideas on what to write.

These are where I usually draw inspiration from!  If you’re ever stuck in a dreadful writer’s block, try checking out some of these to get ideas on what you want to write about!  Where do you get inspiration from?

Quote of the day: "Don't lose your fire."

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