Sunday, September 18, 2016

8 Tips for Exercise Beginners

If you're like me, your expectations of your summer bod have come and gone, and you're thinking of getting back into shape but are lacking the motivation.  I've come up with eight tips for beginners or anybody who wants to start exercising again in hopes of helping others as well as motivating myself to get back out there!

1. Get rid of the sugary drinks.  Cutting out or cutting back on soda and other drinks high in sugar from your diet is the best way to start eating healthier.  Water keeps you hydrated, full, refreshed, and even helps your skin. It's the best sidekick. You can still keep some healthy juices, coffee, sports drinks, and teas in your diet as long as it's not in huge amounts--I'm a believer in everything in moderation!

2. Schedule the best time for you to work out.  Don't sacrifice work or school--figure out when is a good time during the day to exercise.  Pay attention to your body, too, and when it feels best.  For example, no matter if I eat something or not, I cannot work out in the mornings because I end up feeling lightheaded and sick; therefore, I usually work out in the evenings before dinner because that's when my body feels best.

3. Start off simple.  Do 15-20 minutes of workouts a day to ease yourself into it, especially if you have a busy schedule.  You can even switch up these exercises each day--you could work on leg exercises one day, then core strengthening the next, arm exercises the next, and yoga the next.  You get what I'm saying.  Variety means you'll never get bored, and with these short exercises, you can work your way up to longer workouts.

4. Make a bomb ass playlist.  Everyone knows that music can get you hype for anything, which is why it's important to create a soundtrack for your workouts to keep you motivated.  Feeling lazy?  You can easily go to Pandora, Spotify, 8tracks, you name it. The internet is filled with pre-made workout playlists for you to search through. Check out my #girlboss playlist to help get you through those quick 20 minute workouts.

5. Make your home the gym.  If you don't want to pay for a gym membership or if you are not a college student who has access to a free campus rec center, then make your home your gym! It is so simple to do quick and easy exercises right in the comfort of your own home.  If you get creative around the house, you can build an effective routine without having to step foot outside.

6. BYOF (Bring Your Own Friend).  If you do go to the gym or go for a run somewhere, bring a friend with you! You'll feel more willing to go if someone else is expecting you to.  Also, it's fun to work out with a friend--it's like bringing along your personal cheerleader!  You'll get to mix up playlists and maybe try exercises you haven't done before.

7. Don't push yourself too hard.  This is super important.  There's pushing yourself through a workout, and there's pushing yourself to the point of hurting your body. You might have goals in mind, but you won't reach them on Day One, so don't try to run those two miles in ten minutes or lift your own body weight the first day you work out.  Start off with small, attainable goals and work your way up to the bigger ones!

8. Find something you enjoy doing.  Not everyone likes working out at a gym.  I know I'm not always in the mood for it!  You can find other ways to stay in shape without going the traditional route: running, sports, yoga, dancing, zumba.  Time will fly by faster and you'll feel better if you're doing something you actually enjoy!

What are some of your favorite tips or exercises? Leave a comment below!

Quote of the day: "Slow progress is still progress."

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