Thursday, September 15, 2016

Who Run the World: A Playlist for Every #GIRLBOSS

I love making playlists for whatever mood I'm in.  They're a nice soundtrack to what I'm doing whether it's running errands, blogging, or just relaxing.  If you need a quick pick-me-up, I created a playlist for all the girls who are currently #KILLINGIT right now and slaying the game.  It's nice to celebrate yourself every now and then, so how about playing this while you run the world!  Listen here!

Reflection - Fifth Harmony.  Remind those boys that you don't get dressed up for them!
Memorable lyrics:  It ain't braggin' if you know it's true

Trophy - Charli XCX.  You've come to take the crown in being flawless.
Memorable lyrics: All the girls 'round the world, now we in control

Pity Party - Melanie Martinez.  It's your party and you'll do what you want.
Memorable lyrics:  Just means there's way more cake for me forever, forever

Flawless Remix (feat. Nicki Minaj) - Beyonce.  These two are #GirlBossGoals.
Memorable lyrics:  Of course, sometimes shit go down when it's a billion dollars on an elevator

BO$$ - Fifth Harmony.  Boss just like Michelle Obama and always keep that purse heavy.
Memorable lyrics:  Working for the money cause that's what my mama taught me, so your ass better show me some respect

Pulses - Karmin.  You've come here to leave your mark and raise some pulses.
Memorable lyrics:  World you can have it, take a couple planets

Salute - Little Mix.  The most important thing is that we lift each other up.
Memorable lyrics:  It's who we are, we don't need no camouflage 

Run The World (Girls) - Beyonce.  Of course.  Who else runs the world?
Memorable lyrics:  I'm reppin' for the girls who taking over the world

What are some of your favorite songs to listen to to boost your mood?  To all the girls out there, keep grinding and slaying because you are a total BO$$!

Quote of the day:  "Here's to strong women.  May we know them.  May we be them.  May we raise them."

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