Friday, September 2, 2016

A Night With Snoop Dogg

As promised, here is a post about seeing Snoop Dogg last night!  The night was off to an interesting and frustrating start.  We took a Lyft to the venue and as we stepped out, a security guard came over to me and my boyfriend, pointed at my boyfriend's hat, and said, "You can't get in. There are no hats allowed, so you better tell your friend to come back." As we stood on the curb in confusion as to what to do, we shrugged our shoulders and decided we might as well request a Lyft back to our apartment so he could drop off his hat.  As frustrating as it was, I understand that the owner of the venue and the security have their reasons.  It put a damper on the start of our night, but once we got back and were let in, we forgot about the whole ordeal and decided to have fun.

For it being 10:30, I was surprised it wasn't that busy, but then again, maybe more people would show up around midnight, when Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa were said to get to the club.  With a fruity drink in my hand, I made my way closer to the dance floor with my boyfriend and enjoyed some dancing and people watching.  Those $8 drinks really made me miss the $2 rail specials and $5 drinks that were common at bars back at school, though.

Once it was midnight, my boyfriend and I decided we would give it a half hour until we would leave since he had to work in the morning.  Thankfully, Snoop Dogg soon appeared out of the blue and replaces the previous DJ.  People crowded the dance floor and phones went up in the air to catch pictures and take videos.  He began playing Next Episode, which got me and my boyfriend real hype, let me tell ya.  He went on to play some old favorites and some new songs that were popular.  Snoop didn't really interact with the crowd as much, but he was very laid back and the crowd loved him nonetheless.

Caught bae groovin'
As the night progressed, my boyfriend realized that we had to head home soon, since he had work in the morning.  Thus, our night with Snoop Dogg had to come to a close at 1:30.  The fun didn't stop there, because let me tell you about our Uber driver:  he was prepared.  He pulls up and as soon as we get in the car, he informs us that there are boxes of candy behind the front seats, chips behind the passenger-side backseat, and vegan-friendly snacks behind the driver-side backseat.  I told him that if I could give him 10 stars, I would. I've never had an Uber experience as nice as that one.  Like, is that normal? I feel like all Ubers should carry snacks now.  My standards are set so high now because of this guy.

While in the Uber, my boyfriend decided that we should Postmate McDonald's since we didn't eat anything while we were at the club. I just wanted a Happy Meal since I wasn't too hungry, but I guess in a mix of sleepiness and tipsiness, I accidentally ordered two, which I swear I don't remember doing. So when our order arrived, we feasted.  We had two hamburger Happy Meals, a Big Mac, and 40-piece Chicken McNuggets.  I feel so gross now saying that, but at 2 in the morning, after a night out, you want greasy fast food.  And a lot of it.

Hope you enjoyed this story! Below I'll add my snapchat story, so you can get a glimpse of how my night went. I went a little crazy with taking snapchats and videos, to be honest, but I wanted to save as much proof as I could that this was a thing that actually happened.  I'm still in disbelief.

Who was the last person you saw in concert?  Have you had any awesome Uber experiences like I did? Leave a comment!

Quote of the day:  "Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation." - John Wooden

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