Monday, November 21, 2016

Therapy From Hair Cuts

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So last Saturday I got my hair cut and it was honestly what I needed.  I had so much hair that was past the point of no return that I had to let it go.  It's always nerve wracking whenever you go get a hair cut, especially if you have longer hair and love it because your hair is your security blanket.  It's what makes you you. It gives you confidence, it gives you reassurance. Okay, I'm getting too far.  But hair is important to a lot of us! I had been letting my hair grow out for years now that I honestly forget when the last time I got a haircut was, let alone a trim.  So this appointment was a long time coming.
I've always been trying to keep my hair healthy by using whatever hydrating products I could get my hands on; however, your hair just gets to a point where there's nothing you can do to help it.  I got to that point a while ago, and nothing was really working.  Any products that I would use would only make my hair seem soft and healthy, when, in reality, the ends were split and dead.  So that's when the hair appointment came in!

A friend of my recommended this salon called Enhance to me, and I was thrilled to go there, because I had been planning on getting my hair cut for weeks, but could never feel comfortable enough to go somewhere new.  (So thank God my friend ended up getting her hair cut before me!)

before - look how nasty it is
after - loving the beachy waves!

My stylist was so informative!  She showed me where my hair looked healthy and full and where it looked thinning and broken.  She swayed me away from getting "x" amount of inches cut off and instead showed me where the breakage was starting, so we could combat that and cut my hair in a way to optimize maximum growth.  The appointment was so educational, and I learned a lot about cutting and even styling my hair!

I am so happy with this outcome because now my hair feels so much better and isn't weighed down by all that damaged, thinning hair.  What I can say I learned from this experience is that you shouldn't neglect your hair.  Just like you take care of your skin, you should take care of your hair as well and maintain it by getting it cut two to three times a year.  The health of my hair is important to me, but it's usually on the back burner a lot of the time.  Never again will I neglect my hair for as long as I had.  It'll just end up dead, thinning, uneven, and honestly not feeling very pretty.

So RIP to my old, dead, split ends! And sorry to the healthy parts of my hair because I didn't take care of ya sooner!


What are some hair tips you have to keep hair healthy and beautiful?! Spread the love and knowledge!

Quote of the day: "Grow with the light and grow with the rain.  Tomorrow will be okay."

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