Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Upping My Eyelashes Game With This One Step

 So I actually thought of doing this blog post a long long long time ago, but I could never get around to actually trying the hack, finishing the post, and uploading the pictures, and yeah. But here I am! Finally coming to you with this weird, but pretty useful hack.

I love watching Snapchat stories, especially those from Buzzfeed, Cosmo, and Refinery29.  Weeks ago, Cosmo posted this one article on their story about some beauty hacks (you can read it on their website here).  Most of them I’ve heard of before and have had my own fortunate and unfortunate experiences with them, but there was on that stuck out to me.  It said to heat up your eyelash curler before curling your eyelashes to give your eyelashes more volume.

I was so skeptical, but it made sense the more I thought about it.  You curl and straighten your hair by using heat, and eyelashes are hair so… heat should work for them, right? So I was like, “Okay, Cosmo, I see you. I’ll take you up on the hack.”

I decided to try this on one of my mascaras that gave me the least amount of volume, which was NYX’s Voluptuous Lush Lashes Mascara (Sorry, NYX, I usually love your products, but this mascara ain’t doing much for me.) I figured that if it worked with that mascara, then this hack is legit.

I curl my lashes before and after applying mascara, but I figured I should use heat before applying so the heat goes directly on the lashes.  I was happy with the initial results, but was very disappointed soon after.  My eyelashes basically uncurled themselves a minute after and looked worse than they had before.  I huffed and cursed Cosmo for getting my hopes up, but decided, why not try this hack after I apply mascara?

And it works.  I would suggest heating your eyelash curler with your hair dryer for 10 seconds on low heat since it heats up pretty quickly and you don’t want to burn yourself (or loose eyelashes, yikes).  This definitely works best after you apply mascara.  Don’t know the science behind that, but curling my eyelashes with heat afterwards gave me better results.

Here I am, hours and hours and hours after curling my lashes, and I can tell that the curl has indeed held for most of the day.  NYX mascara, you live to see another day because of this hack. You’re welcome.

Honestly, if this hack works for a mascara that doesn’t give my eyelashes volume, what would happen if it was used with mascara that did? Can’t wait to try that out!  What are some weird beauty hacks that you’ve heard of or tried?  I’d love to know!

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