Friday, December 9, 2016

Routines, Routines, Routines

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The lovely Kimberley did an AM/PM tag a couple weeks ago, and I thought it was such a cute idea that I wanted to do it for myself! These kinds of posts are super simple if you're in a bind to write another blog post, and they're just a fun type of post to do overall. If you end up filling this one out for yourself, let me know so I can read your results!


1. What's your morning beauty routine? 
After I shower and wash my face, I'll put on any acne cream if I need to and moisturize.  With my hair, I usually blow dry it 90% of the way and put it up into a french braid to air dry the rest of the way. Then I'll do my makeup for the day, and take my braid out and put some sea salt spray in my hair to add that final touch to my wavy look.

2. What's for breakfast?
My go-to is cereal.  I sometimes don't have time to eat a full breakfast in the morning, so I'll just go for something quick and easy.  Whenever I do have time, I try to make scrambled eggs and bacon if I have any.  Sometimes I'll stop in at a coffee shop before I go to work and get a turkey sausage biscuit.

3. Coffee or tea?
Can I say both? I love both, but I'm more of a coffee-in-the-morning-tea-at-night kind of gal.

4. How long does it take to get out the door?
An hour, sometimes an hour and a half if I take my time (which is usually what happens, and then I have to skip out on a nice hearty breakfast).

5. What's your go-to makeup look on a fuss-free morning?
If I'm just staying in all day, I probably won't wear any makeup.  If not, I'll just wear some bb cream, some concealer, and mascara.  Super simple!


1. What's your evening beauty routine?
I'll climb into my pajamas to get extra comfy, and then I'll take off my makeup with wipes, wash my face, and moisturize!

2. Snack time! What's in the bowl?
Kettle cooked chips are my fave!  If I'm not snacking on those, I'll usually munch on something sweet.

3. How do you wind down and prep for bed?
Changing into pajamas is definitely first and foremost! Getting comfy is at the top of my list for when I wind down.  Brian and I will watch something on Netflix, I'll catch up on my favorite blogs, and fill out my bullet journal.

4. Cozy up! What are you wearing to bed?
Your everyday pajama bottoms (love the flannel kind), an old shirt, and sometimes one of Brian's old flannel shirts that he gave me.  I'm all about being comfy and cozy, and I'd like to think I'm a pro.

5. What are some things you have to do before hitting the hay?
I'll catch up on social media that I might have missed in the morning or on my break. I'll usually "look at my stories" as Brian calls it and catch up on the People, Cosmo, and Buzzfeed Snapchat stories!

I'm all about routines.  The world is an ever-changing place, so it's nice to have some reliable routines for every day.  What are some of yours?

Quote of the day: "Choose people who choose you."

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