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Seven Things You Know Are True If You Look Younger Than You Are

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I've been #blessed with the fact that I look way young for my age.  It's more of a curse right now than it is a blessing, but I'll be grateful for it later... or so I've been told.  And if you're short AND look young, well then, I am sorry for you.  I'm in the same boat, and we'll just have to struggle with our plights together.  I have a feeling that I'll be well into my thirties and people will mistake me for a friend's younger sister who begged and whined enough to get invited out for a girls' night.  If you do look young for your age, you know that the following things are so true for all of us.

1. People ask if you're the younger sibling. If you have siblings, are the oldest, and look young for your age, you most definitely have experienced this at least once in your life. I remember in high school my family and I ran into one of my mom's old friends, and this woman had the audacity to ask if my little sister was the oldest. It's because I'm SHORT, isn't it?

2. Speaking of being short and young-looking, you'll get carded all the time and get suspicious looks from bouncers because they think your ID is a fake.  Fun story:  My one friend and I go to this club to meet up with some other friends.  The first bouncer looks at my ID, and hands it to the other one and says, "You do this one, I don't know."  And I was thinking, "Great, I won't get in because I look v suspicious right now with my out-of-state ID and baby face." I thought the second bouncer was just making casual conversation when he asked me, "What's your team?" while bending my ID five different ways, and I said, "Oh, I'm not really much of a sports fan." Nope, that's not what he meant. He was quizzing me to see if I was actually from the state that was on my ID.  I doubt that that will be the only time where something like this will happen.

3. Getting told, "You'll be thankful for your young face later in life." Okay, yeah, it might work in my favor when I'm forty, but that doesn't help the problem I'm facing right now, does it, Mom?!

4. Getting hit on by younger people.  When I was eighteen, my best friend and I went to the beach and while we were swimming in the ocean, a fourteen-year-old boy started flirting with us.  It was awkward all around and not what my meeting-cute-guys-at-the-beach dreams expected.

5. Since you look like you're an adolescent, you try to make up for it with clothes and makeup.  You feel like you have to dress older for your age or wear makeup a certain way, just to get the point across that no, you are not twelve.  And you're scared to wear some things that are for people your age because you might look like a little teeny bopper instead.  In reality, all these efforts rarely work.  We all know this, yet we still try.  What I want to know is how the hell do teenage girls look older with makeup and I look like I'm twelve and playing dress up?? Hmmm?!

6. People are shocked when they find out your age.  They won't shut up about it and it'll get to a point where it's super frustrating and you feel like you gotta get out your birth certificate to show that yes, I was born in the nineties and not in 2000.  I'm kind of guilty of this, actually... oops.

7. Especially at work, people will think you're an intern.  Like no, this is my job.  I have a degree.  Don't treat me like a child or an intern because I'm most likely your boss.  Kthxbyeeee!

Who else struggles with looking younger than they are?  I'm crossing my fingers that things will get better for us later down the road like everybody says they will!

 Quote of the day:  "Be a light in this world."

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