Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Decor Love: Peace, Love, and Pineapples

Pineapples have been everywhere lately, and it inspired me to decorate a room around that theme.  I haven't done a Decor Love post in a while, so I thought right now would be a perfect time! Pro-tip:  whenever you want to design a room around one object, it's best to do it in small doses--you never want to overdo it.

All of these items are so great together, and I'm super excited about the sequined pillow!  Check out the pieces below and where to find them!

Pom Fringe Duvet Cover

Faux Fur Pillow

Gold and White Sequin Pillow

Pineapple Art Print

Table Lamp

Gold Pineapple Candle

I love the colors gold and mint together. And what about that pineapple candle? It definitely adds flair to any room!

Quote of the day:  "Make good use of today."


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