Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Five Things You Shouldn't Do When You Start At A New Job

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It's always nerve-racking when you start a new job somewhere.  It's a whole new environment to get used to, especially if it's your first.  Whether you're entering the job world for the first time or if you're used to it already, here are some things you shouldn't do when you start somewhere new.

1. Complaining about work or other people.  This seems so obvious, but it's something employers notice, and it can harm you if you're very vocal about your disinterest in someone or the work you do.  If you do have concerns over your job, however, definitely bring it up to your supervisor in a professional way.

2. Not interacting with coworkers.  It shows a lot if you make an effort to get to know your coworkers, especially if the company culture is very centered around the community of the company.  If you get invited to a happy hour after work, go!  Get to know the people you're working with because it could lead to new friendships and other job opportunities down the road.

3. Getting involved in gossip.  Although you should interact with your coworkers, don't get involved in office drama.  It could cost you your job and relationships with other people.  Don't let anyone force you to take a side in some argument that you have no idea about, especially if you're new to the company.  Stay neutral and remove yourself from toxic situations like these.

4. Not asking questions.  I struggle with this sometimes, but it's important that you ask questions if you're just starting out and getting used to the job.  Even if you're a month or so in and feel guilty for not knowing something, it's better to get clarification on how a job should be done than to do it wrong and suffer consequences.

5. Not owning up to mistakes.  Lying and not owning up to your mistakes, no matter how small, makes you seem untrustworthy.  You might feel terrible about messing something up, but it's better to be proactive and honest by owning up to it in order to fix the situation.  Employers will see that and be glad that you were upfront with them.

Keep these tips in mind when you begin a new job, and you'll be a great employee.  What's some other advice you guys have for anyone starting out at a new job?  I'm always open for suggestions!

Quote of the day:  "Respect doesn't come with age.  You have to earn it by your behavior."


  1. Such great advice! I just started a new job a few months ago and all of these points are still really relevant!

    1. Thanks! I definitely think these are relevant no matter how long someone has been at a job!


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