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Twelve Last Minute Cute DIY Halloween Costumes

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When I got invited to a Halloween party last year, I had no costume planned.  At the last minute, I threw on a brown dress I had bought the week before, some dark brown wedges, put a red bow in my hair and said I was Clarice (aka Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's gf). Not my best, but it worked for the night, and it was pretty original.  If you are a Halloween costume procrastinator or got invited to a party last minute and have no costume planned, I'm here to give you twelve DIY costumes that you can make in one day using the items in your closet.  You can thank me later.

Solo Costumes

  • Marathon Runner:  Break out your sneakers and your usual gym attire.  Pull your hair up and pin a piece of paper with a random number on it to your shirt.  Such an easy costume, and your feet won't be hurting after a night out on the dance floor.
  • Lumberjack:  I know you own a flannel shirt.  Throw that on and add some jeans and combat or hiking boots, and you're a bona fide lumberjack.  Oh, and take some cardboard and markers to make your own little ax to complete the outfit.
  • Waldo:  This one is super easy.  Get a red and white striped shirt, some plain black-rimmed glasses, and put on a beanie.  Spend the night hiding from your friends and texting them to find you.

Punny Solo Costumes

  • Holy Cow: Start with a white shirt and add some spots made out of  black felt.  Make a halo with a headband and pipe cleaners, slap some of your shimmery gold makeup on your face and bam, you're "Holy Cow."
  • Social Butterfly:  Find some fairy wings at the dollar store.  Print out some social icons and glue them to said wings.  You're now a legit social butterfly!
  • Hawaiian Punch:  Get a Hawaiian shirt, or just one with a very floral pattern, and a lei.  Add some punching gloves and there you have it:  you're a walking manifestation of everyone's favorite jungle juice mixer.

Couples Costumes

  • Ketchup and mustard:  Yellow shirt/yellow pants + red shirt/red pants + puffy paint = quick and easy costume of everyone's favorite condiments.
  • Mickey and Minnie:  Get a polka dot dress for Minnie (or make one--see Holy Cow costume with felt spots above) and red pants for Mickey.  Don a pair of yellow shoes and some Mickey/Minnie ears, and voila! You and bae have become the most magical and cutest couple there ever was.
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z:  You can pick whatever music video/era you wish to remake, but I'm feeling that Bonnie and Clyde style with the white crop top, pants, and boots.  And all Jay-Z every really wore during that time was baggy pants and jackets, so it'll be super easy to find that.

Group Costumes

  • Ice cream cones:  Buy a bunch of different colored shirts from your local craft store. Cut them into crop tops and cut up the excess and glue them onto the top half of the shirts as sprinkles.  Grab a brown skirt for the cone, and tie a red ribbon in your hair for the cherry on top.
  • 90s kids:  90s fashion is coming back, so this is the easiest costume you can make because I'm positive you have 90s clothes in your closet right now.  Grab all your platform shoes, Keds, your flannels, cropped tops, ripped up jeans, chokers, and scrunchies you can find and get your squad together for the ultimate throwback!
  • The Rugrats (or any other TV characters):  If you're the Tommy of the group, you got a simple costume consisting of white shorts, a blue tee, and a baby bottle.  Round up the rest of the gang and go on some adventures Halloween night!

Hope these inspire some other great costume ideas!  I personally have done quite a bit of these with much success.  They're all easy and super doable to make in one day, and you can't really mess them up.  Let me know in the comments what you're planning on being for Halloween!

Quote of the day: "You are gold."

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