Monday, October 24, 2016

My Boyfriend Dressed Me For A Week

I wouldn't call myself a style guru, but I like to think that I have some sense of style.  Whenever I feel like I'm not digging my outfit, my boyfriend always comes to the rescue to make me feel better and confident.  He offers some decent style advice, so I decided to see how he views me and my style.  I asked him to dress me for a week, and I was fairly surprised with how it turned out!

For the week that he would dress me, I thought I would come up with some rules for Brian to stick to.


1. Style me Monday-Friday.
2. You get full access to all my clothes and accessories.
3. I get to veto and change one item if I don't like how it looks with my outfit.

Seems easy enough, right?  Before I continued with this, I wanted to ask Brian a few questions about what he thought of my style.


1. What's your take on my style?
I think it's very simple, clean lines. I think you have really good choice in jewelry that adds a nice pop. It's usually very well put-together.

2. What is something I wear all the time?
Blue with white stripes.

3. What is something you wish I'd wear but don't?
I really don't know. I wouldn't change anything because you look fine the way you dress!
(cue audience *awwww*)

Alright, so let's get started!

A dark green and blue flannel shirt, jeans, brown combat boots, two bracelets, and a rain jacket because it was going to rain.

Brian's Initial Thoughts:  I wanted to go for a professional look, but also comfort because the weather is going to be bad.
My Initial Thoughts:  I'm always worried to wear something like this because I feel like it's too casual for work.  People do wear pretty casual clothes to where we work, though, but I feel that I'm still pretty new and want to make a good impression.
- - - - - - - - - -
My Conclusion:  It was definitely a comfy outfit and something I would wear on a regular basis, so he knows what I generally go for.
Brian's Conclusion:  This outfit kind of worked out because it was really rainy this morning.  I was shooting more towards practical rather than stylistic.  You looked good!

Khaki cropped pants, printed navy shirt, flats, a denim jacket (which I switched a maroon and navy cardigan for), two bracelets, and a gold and cream statement necklace

Brian's Initial Thoughts:  Since it's going to be rainy, I chose pants and flats that wouldn't get ruined in the rain.  I wanted to go for a more professional and elegant look, so I went with a nicer top and necklace.
My Initial Thoughts:  This is a nice, simple choice.  I thought it would get cold in the office though, so I vetoed the maroon and navy cardigan for a denim jacket.
- - - - - - - - - -
My Conclusion:  This is a very cute outfit.  I feel like I stepped out of a J. Crew catalog, tbh.  My feet did get cold in the office, though, so maybe flats weren't a great choice.
Brian's Conclusion:  As a disclaimer, I was in a rush to pick out a cardigan or jacket this morning, so that's why it got vetoed.  I think this outfit was a little more professional than yesterday, but still functional.

Maroon skinny jeans, high-low black sweater, tall boots, a beanie, and two bracelets
(Can you tell that I love coffee?)

Brian's Initial Thoughts:  It's going to be cold and I wanted to pick colors that I'm not used to matching and wearing for myself.
My Initial Thoughts:  I have totally worn this exact outfit before, minus the beanie.  Actually, I've probably worn this to work before.  At least he knows my taste?
- - - - - - - - - - 
My Conclusion:  My feet were definitely warmer today (thanks to the boots and my fuzzy socks)! Even though I was sad that it was only Wednesday, I couldn't feel that sad because this outfit was cozy af. 
Brian's Conclusion:  I liked it!  It was a good match, I think. And I did a dope ass job picking out the background for the picture.

Patterned cropped pants, white peplum shirt, oversized black cardigan, black oxfords, and the same two bracelets I've been wearing all week because Brian's afraid to branch out in the jewelry department
(Where is my cup of coffee?! This picture seems incomplete.)

Brian's Initial Thoughts:  I am unsure.  I am not comfortable with the pants I selected.
My Initial Thoughts:  I think he's not giving himself credit--I like this outfit! It's hard to go wrong when you're pairing black and white with a print.
- - - - - - - - - - 
My Conclusion:  I definitely think this outfit was a pretty good choice!  But it further proves that I just shouldn't wear white because halfway through the day, I got a mysterious stain on my shirt.
Brian's Conclusion:  I wasn't confident in the outfit choice.  I thought it looked good, but I don't know if I have the best taste.

Brown dress, army green jacket, tights, booties, the same two bracelets again, and a black statement necklace

Brian's Initial Thoughts:  I don't know because I'm not used to dresses and dressing people in dresses.  I think the colors work well personally because I like the green and copper colors, but I'm afraid you're going to think it's like a mix of baby food. And I just guessed on the boots and thought it didn't look too bad.
My Initial Thoughts:  It's a lot of neutral colors, which I am completely fine with and comfortable in, so I think I'm going to like this outfit.  I haven't worn tights in forever, so we'll see how that goes.
- - - - - - - - - - 
My Conclusion:  I thought this outfit was a nice choice! Don't know if I would have picked it out for myself, but I liked it!  Wish I would have switched out the tights for some thicker ones, though.
Brian's Conclusion:  I liked it!  It was a little hard because I never had to work with those colors before because I don't have them in my personal palette.

Final Thoughts

Brian:  It was kind of stressful because I wanted to make sure Bryn looked good but not boring.  I didn't want to go for par outfits, either.  I had fun overall, and it was cool to do.  I don't think I touched nearly half the wardrobe, though.  My favorite outfit was Friday's because I think it looked really nice.  I think it was the one she wore the best.

Me:  I thought this was really fun to do!  It was interesting to see what Brian would pick for me to wear.  I would say my favorite outfit of this week was Tuesday's because it was well put-together.  I kind of wished he would have been more adventurous with the jewelry, but he wasn't comfortable with it, so I didn't want to push him.  Maybe now that he's gotten the hang of it a bit, I could convince him to do a Part 2?  It was nice not having to worry about picking out clothes for this week.

Would you trust your S.O. to dress you for a week?  Leave a comment below!

Quote of the day: "If I've got strong coffee, fuzzy socks, a good book, and a decent wifi signal, I'm pretty much set for Saturday." - Nanea Hoffman

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